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We offer advice and solutions for health care and senior citizens properties.


Fair advice, open communication — a top priority for us. Because trust is the prerequisite for the success of every project.


We conceive innovative concepts for you based upon current regulations, opportunities and market evaluation.


There are many paths to follow. We structure your path step by step so that you can swiftly reach your goal without any detours.


A house is only as good as the foundation it is built upon. Therefore we build our models on continual long-term success and planning security.


immoTISS care

Since 2009 our name stands for providing highly professional services in the areas of operations, management and investment relating to senior citizens property and health care property. Our aim is to provide solutions that are effective not only today but withstand complex challenges to the financial market as well as legal and organizational changes in the future.


immoTISS care advices investors as well as operators of social and medical care facilities such as nursing care facilities, assisted living apartments, senior citizens residences, outpatient care services, facilities for disabled persons, medical-care centers (MVZ), medical practice centers as well as rehabilitation and private clinics. Thus our circle of clients includes banks, corporate enterprises, closed-end and open-end investment funds, nursing care and residence operators, family offices, non-profit and social services organizations, municipalities and regional authorities.


Challenges and Opportunities

Germany has the largest and most complex social properties market in Europe. This is a logical result of the rapidly increasing average age of a population of over 80 million inhabitants. The consequence: this market has a high resistance to economical fluctuations and attractive dividend returns. Despite a massively growing increase in government restrictions a sustainable assets base can be built and retained. The prerequisites here are extensive knowledge of the regional differences in regulations as well as professional decision making and action.

Many obscure and complex factors make the market to some extent a confusing setting. Careful analysis and expert guidance shed light on ambiguous areas allowing opportunities with immense profit prospects to emerge out of a mass of regulations.

Special Features of the Market


market fragmentation


lack of transparency


high regulatory density


international investors and operators


site specific social structures and demands


cutbacks in social security contributions


shortage of skilled personnel




modernization of existing and demand for new nursing homes


ageing of the population and multimorbidity


shortfall of nursing care by family members

Senior Citizens and Health Care Property Market

Nursing Homes Centers

approx. 900.000 beds

Rehab Clinics

approx. 165.000 beds

Medical Care

approx. 14.000 doctors

Our Services


Competition Analyses

Restructuring of Operation and Property

Due Diligence

Transaction Consultancy

Asset Management

Research & Monitoring

Project Development

Interim Management

Succession Solutions

Property Placement / Transaction Management

Operator Analysis

Handling of Insolvencies


Location and Competitor Analyses

We provide you with precise object analysis based upon dependable and accurate sources. Demographic changes, hospitalization rates, the percentage of self- payers and many influencing factors affect the trend of demand for social properties in different ways. Our database contains comprehensive and detailed information from over 95% of all German care facilities so that we can provide our clients with precise analysis of locations and competitors.

Interim Management

Our team of experts keep the operation of a social property running smoothly and on course in cases where the operator encounters difficulties or fails. The failure of an operator can cause the downfall of a property and can affect the personal livelihood of many people. immoTiss Care guarantees investors at all times a smooth running operation. A team of experts composed of managing directors of large operating companies, qualified facility directors and legal experts take command of operations when an operator unexpectedly fails. Thus hindering foreseeable damage.

Marketing Operator-run Property

You are on the safe side with us when it come to the assessment and marketing of property. Many real estate properties are offered under unrealistic conditions. The reasons for this are inadequate knowledge relating to lease refinancing, market demands and often a limited network of potential buyers. The result: property depreciation and decline in desirability the longer the property is not sold. Our vast experience and analysis know-how ensures a high level of advisory competence both for buyer as well as for the seller. We compile professional Exposes and on request a comprehensive investment memorandum.

Development of Senior Citizens Living Arrangements and Health Centers

We use our know-how at the conception of the investment and continually develop sustainable concepts. Residential and health care facilities such as medical care centers (MVZ) and living arrangements suitable for senior citizens are constantly developing. The reasons for this are the changing market, demographic processes such as shortages of physicians and urbanization as well as monetary constraints that are politically caused. This constantly results in new asset categories that may turn into investments with a viable future. We are always up to date with the latest developments and provide you with professional and target oriented advice.

Restructuring and Succession Solutions

We analyze, restructure and identify sustainable future solutions for your investment also after insolvency proceedings. No longer marketable properties such as hotels, offices or outdated care facilities often require restructuring and a succession solution. We provide a future concept for the property giving the investment for purchase or operating the property a sustainable value profile and thus making it marketable once again.

Operator Analyses

Cost effectiveness and reliability are the factors that make a successful operation of a social property. A social property is only as good as the management that runs it. immoTiss Care does not rely on the ranking of the top names of the industry as the basis of its evaluation. Rather our evaluation is based on extensive and solid knowledge of the German operator landscape. Therefore we are capable of assessing the sustainability of a social property based upon the cost effectiveness and reliability of the tenant.

Due Diligence Analysis

We identify all technical, legal and financial risks relating to property acquisition and operating companies. Our target-oriented analysis takes into consideration among other things business plans, financial indicators, working capital, CAPEX, EBITDA, weak points and potential risks. We accompany you step by step through due diligence planning and coordinate key subject areas.

Transaction Management and Asset Management for Private Investors

A health care property can also be a successful investment opportunity for a private investor. Private investors interested in this type of investment often lack adequate and extensive asset management and monitoring. Thus specific know-how of property life cycles is of vital importance. We ensure that your investment bears fruit.

Project Development and Expansion Consulting

We speak the language of all parties involved and have all the relevant processes in view at all times. Successful growth whether structural or through an acquisition is the goal of every firm. It is based on detailed analysis, access to potential targets as well as knowledge of all the phases of development and management of a facility. The network of project participants is also of key importance. Regardless of whether it is an acquisition of an existing facility or a procurement of planning permission for a property we keep an eye on all details enabling us to have a full view of the process.

The Team

CEO (Dipl.-Ing. MBA)
Investment and Asset Management

Jochen has extensive experience in all areas of the real estate industry. He has held senior positions in property investment companies, private equity companies as well as consulting companies. Since 2007 he has become increasingly specialised in the social property market and founded immoTISS GmbH in 2009.

Consulting (lawyer)
Mergers & Acquisitions, Market and Site Analyses and Legal Monitoring.

Marcel Beaupain heads the areas of market and location analysis and legal monitoring. As a fully qualified lawyer he always follows the latest trends and developments in the areas of legislation and jurisdiction. Before he joined immoTISS care he served many years as legal advisor to international investment companies in Brazil.

Consulting (Dipl.-Ing.)
Care property development

Nils Bröning holds a Master of Engeneering specialised in the field of architecture and has gathered experience in numerous projects on conceptualising and developing nursing care properties. At immoTISS care he is responsible for assessing existing nursing home properties. In addition he is in charge of the development and realisation of modern concepts for existing nursing homes and project developments.


Database with almost all inpatient nursing care facilities in Germany

Languages: German, English, French, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian and Spanish

Experience and expert knowledge from more than 150 analyses and projects

Professional knowledge of portfolios and individual transactions in all asset classes of social property

Detailed analyses of operators with altogether more than 2000 facilities in the context of solvency checks and M&A Transactions

Established network of cooperation partners and complementary service providers


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